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Reference Service

We offer assistance to all library users when you have questions and want to know how to use the library and its resourses, for exampl,

  • You cannot locate a book or journal you are looking for
  • you are seeking information, but don't know how
  • You don't know how to use library, databases and e-journals, etc.

Please ask the refernce desk if you have any of above questions or other problems, the stuff provides the following library services.

Library Instruction

We serve library instruction programs to help students understand how to best use the resources provided by library. The programs are as follows,

  • Library tours
  • How to search library catalog
  • How to find books and articles in Japan
  • How to use e-journals
  • Introduction to databases

please contact the reference desk.

Purchase Requsts

We welcome suggestions from students for the acquisition of materials which support the University's teaching and research programs. Before submitting a request, please check the online catalog to determine whether the material you want is already owned by the Library.

Letter of Introduction

You wish to consult an item in the Library of another institution, our library may issue you with a Letter of Introduction to the Library of the other institution. It will issued for current students, faculty and staff. Please ask at the Reference Desk.

University Library Cooperative Service in Hokkaido

If the material you are searching for is not held at our libraries, you can use the following libraries without a letter of introduction. These libraries allow you to check out materials and make photocopies.
Please ask at the Reference Desk if you need assistance.

Notice:You must show your student identification card to library stuff when you enter other libraries.


『READING WELL ―教育大生に贈る本― vol.2』には、本学教員推薦の「学生に読んでほしい本」59冊が紹介されています。

★PDF版は リポジトリからご覧になれます。
★vol.1は こちらから