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Library Guide

For Visitors

To Enter the Library

You will need documentation to confirm your status(Official ID card such as passport,student ID card etc.). Please apply at the desk before you enter the library. After the procesure above, you can use 2F-3F. If you would like to use 1F Closed Shelf, please ask the desk.

To Borrow books

You can borrow 5 vols for 2weeks. You will need to show library card or identification card in order to check out books.

*Refferense books, textbooks, journals and bulletins can not be borrowed.
*AV materials are only available at the 3F AV corner.

Library Open Hours

8:30-22:00 on Weekdays
10:00-17:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays

Library Closed Day

Extra Closed Day (For the Library business or University Event)

About Library More

Please ask the desk. tel:011-778-0288/ fax:011-778-7052


『READING WELL ―教育大生に贈る本― vol.2』には、本学教員推薦の「学生に読んでほしい本」59冊が紹介されています。

★PDF版は リポジトリからご覧になれます。
★vol.1は こちらから